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Change Reservation

The message of “change reservation” is sent from SIHOT to the interface in all cases that an action with a reservation was executed. Actions are:

  • Create a new reservation
  • Modify an existing reservation
  • Cancel a reservation (for SIHOT a cancel is a modification)

Operationcode: CR



SIHOT → IF Partner


The data sent is exactly the same as described in Forecast.

Attributes Message

Elements Denotation Type
OC Action Type:
CR = Change reservation
RNO reservation number Long
RSNO reservation sub number Long
OBJID Reservation object id Long
ARR Arrival date Date
DEP Departure date Date
NOPAX No of persons Integer
EXTREF External reference String
RT Reservation Type Char
RT_SIHOT Reservation type Char
NOTE comment Sting


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

Attributes Response

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