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Certification Process

Together the parties will schedule an appointment for the upcoming certification. Usually, certifications are performed remotely. At this point, the vendor will receive a detailed test scenario custom-built for his requirement. The certification appointment is to be scheduled in such a way that the vendor has sufficient time to prepare his solution.

1st Part of certification - in lab test

During the first certification phase, the interface is tested in a lab (within test environment). The vendor will present his prepared interface implementation. Together with the vendor, GUBSE’s team will peruse the test scenario step by step.

GUBSE integrates several exception tests and errors into the test scenario. This step is essential to ascertain that your interface responds to the errors correctly.

The second part of certification is subject to the interface having been tested successfully in the lab. Should the vendor not be able to pass the lab-test, another appointment for the first part of the certification needs to be scheduled.

2nd Part of certification – test in pilot environment

Upon a successful lab trial, the interface needs to be tested within an actual client’s environment. Together with vendor, GUBSE will establish the most suitable hotel clients for the testing purposes and appoint pilot installations.

Depending on the system’s complexity, GUBSE shall appoint three or more pilots for trial.

The vendor will present his solution and, together with GUBSE’s team, test the interface.

Improvement and modifications

GUBSE grants the vendor sufficient time to improve the interface and implement smaller modifications in case any discrepancies appeared during the first or second testing phase.

Release and certification

Once all the tests are completed successfully, GUBSE will issue a certificate which states that the vendor’s system complies with SIHOT standards. The vendor may use the certificate as an official seal of approval by GUBSE to assure his clients that his system integrates correctly into the SIHOT environment.

Project time schedule

A general project milestone plan is proposed below. The time schedule will be specified once the actual project begins. Some action points may be omitted and others may be added as required.

Action Responsible Completion date
Initial contact: vendor contacts GUBSE with interface certification request followed by a general discussion Vendor
GUBSE provides commercial proposal GUBSE
Vendor signs certification agreement (or confirms order in writing) Vendor
Kick-off call: parties discuss interfaces and functions in detail GUBSE & Vendor
GUBSE provides interface specifi­cations and guideline GUBSE
GUBSE builds test property for the Vendor to work with GUBSE
GUBSE and vendor determine timelines and scope of interface GUBSE & Vendor
Vendor begins development of interface Vendor
Vendor tests interface Vendor
Vendor submits samples, screen­shots, back-end-access for GUBSE to review Vendor
GUBSE reviews provided information GUBSE
GUBSE and vendor start 1st round of Lab tests GUBSE & Vendor
Install pilot #1 GUBSE & Vendor
Monitor pilot #1 GUBSE & Vendor
Certification completed GUBSE