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Change Log

Date Version Name Description
09.03.2012 1 Jörg Berger Add AWRITEOFFPROTOCOL protocol and AOPTRANSFERS
30.06.2012 2 Markus Bauer Add PAYMENT-TYPE in blocks CL, OPPAYMENT and PAYMENT, Add TYPE in block OPPAYMENT
06.09.2013 3 C. Ethell QM
07.04.2014 4 M. Bauer Add RESNO, RESSUBNO and AEVENTLIST in block PAYMENT
26.10.2015 5 L. Pahl Add VOUCHERNO in Block CL
13.10.2017 6 M. Schuh Add REVACCOUNT, REVAREA, TAXCODE and SAPTAXCODE in block REV
13.10.2017 7 M. Bauer Add ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE, HQGID and block CARDINFO in block PAYMENT
04.01.2018 8 M. Bauer Add SUB, SUBSUB and SUBSUBSUB in block STATISTIC
05.02.2018 9 M. Bauer Add DOCUMENTDATE in block PAYMENT
28.05.2018 10 D. Richter Add SAPCOSTCENTER in block REV