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General Remarks

This specification describes an interface to an accounting system with the functions below. Partly these functions are not usual at this moment, but enable hotels to have a better control of clients. The main idea is to have a bi-directional communication between SIHOT.PMS and the accounting system. See also the specifications for the SIHOT.XML-Interface, especially for XML-format and communication. The revenue figures are calculated according to the day of production, as normal in hotels business. Special care must be taken with regards to the XML-structure within the file and the messages: aadditional elements may be inserted in the structure from time to time, depending on additional requirements, without prior notice.

Updates and continuous integration

This interface ensures backwards compatibility in general. Existing fields will not be changed or removed. Under very rare and special circumstances such change will performed, we will state out such a change in particular through this interface specification. New request, fields, blocks can be added anytime. Each third party interface, which connects to this interface, needs to ensure that such enhancement does not affect the function of the interface in a negative way.