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Certification Request

In order to certify your integration, we need to make sure that it works properly and that it does not have errors.

For this reason, once development has been completed, we will require you to submit a Certification Request and schedule a call with the SIHOT team to test your development.

This is a very important part of the certification process, as its aim is to ensure that the integration fulfils the quality standards which are expected by our common customers.

Certification Request Form

The Certification Request Form can be accessed anytime online. This way, since the beginning of the development you will be aware of the information you will have to submit to request you SIHOT certification.

In the Certification Request Form, you will be asked to provide the following data:

1. General information: company details and contacts for technical and business questions.

2. Product information

3. Details of the integration: description of the scope and of the API endpoints used for the integration; listing of the use cases which will have to be tested.

The test cases submitted will be used as guidelines for the certification call. All test cases have to follow the indicated format:

  • Title: one-line definition of the test case
  • Task description: detailed description of the task which has to be performed
  • Expected result: description of the expected result when task is performed.