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Will we need to re-certify the interface whenever GUBSE releases an upgrade

GUBSE endeavours to ensure backwards compatibility. Prior to every release, GUBSE will issue a change log document. Additionally, access to the GUBSE certification environment will be made available at least two weeks prior to the release to ensure that any compatibility issues are addressed.

What technical specification will be provided prior to certification

GUBSE will provide the vendor with the required technical specifications. In addition, a contact person will be assigned to the vendor during the development and certification process to answer questions.

What if we have questions before certification

A contact person at GUBSE will be available to answer any questions while you are developing the interface. We will also provide a test environment in our certification system so that you can do your own testing.

What means “success”

SIHOT expects a direct answer to all messages sent out; therefore, a “success” is an information that confirms the complete message was processed in the other system.

Do we have to go through all test cases

Yes, all test cases must be checked to ensure that the interface is working correctly. This is a vital part of the certification process. E.g. if a booking engine does not support all test cases, these will be listed in the certificate. It is the responsibility of the partner’s Sales department to inform clients about the functionality that are not supported by the booking engine.

Can the certification be used for Marketing purposes

Yes, after a successful certification we allow you to market your solution with the term “Certified SIHOT-Interface” and provide a Logo and additional information for this purpose.