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Guest Information

Guest Information is sent at the moment when address data of a guest is modified in SIHOT. This message is sent in cases a guest is either checked in, has a reservation, or is only in the guest data base. Activate the flag 5484 (Activate service of protocol of changes in clients) of the SIHOT Registry in order to enable this data set.

Operationcode: GI



SIHOT → IF Partner


Attributes Message

Besides of the already defined attributes: <CN>, <SN>, <LN>, <VIP>, <GID>, we define some further attributes:

Attribute Denotation Type
OC Action Type:
GI = Guest Information
STREET Street of this guest String
CITY City String
ZIP ZIP-Code of this guest String
COUNTRY Country Code of this guest String
STATE State Code of this guest String
AREA Area Code of this guest String
PHONE Phone number String
PHONE2 Additional phone number String
EMAIL Email-Address String
EMAIL2 Additional email-Address String
FAX Fax number String
FAX2 Additional fax number String
MOBILE Mobile phone number String
MOBILE2 Additional mobile phone number String
DOB Date of birth, if the date is unknown, an empty string is submitted Date
SEX Gender Char
TAXID taxpayer identification code of this guest string
PASSWD Internet password string
MATCHCODE Match code of this guest string
GT Guest type. Possible values are:
Guest and Company
TT Temporary type char

By setting the registry key 8552 (Protocol for changes in guest profiles includes Fidelity cards), the structure is extended with the block <CARDS>:

Elements in Block Cards

Attribute Denotation Type
TYPE Card type String
NUMBER Card number String
VALID-FROM Card valid from date Date
VALID-TO Card valid to date Date

Elements in Block Document

If available, the document data is also sent inside a <DOCUMENT>-Block:

Attribute Denotation Type
TYPE Document type String
DESCR Long description of the document type String
NUMBER Document number String
DATE Document date Date
ISSUEPLACE Place of issue String
ISSUECOUNTRY Country of issue String
EXPIREDATE Date of expiry Date

If the guest information changed, the previously used data is sent with the prefix PREV_, for example



Attributes Response