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Kick-off call

Once the proposal has been accepted, we will schedule a kick-off call during which we will define together the functionality scope and the data to be evaluated.

At this stage, you will have to ensure that the technical officer responsible for the certification participates in the meeting, as various questions regarding the functionality and system connectivity might arise.

SIHOT Test environment

In the SIHOT Full Integration Program we will ensure that you will be provided with a test environment specifically adapted to your needs.

After the kick off call, you will receive the access to the test server and your personal credentials.

The access to the test environment will be available free of charge during first 12 months. If you would like to keep the access after that time, an additional cost of €10/month will apply.

Implementation support

Technical support is provided during the certification process as the support effort is covered by the certification fee.

However, the support conditions may vary according to the package chosen. Please make sure that you check the conditions which apply to your specific package, which are defined in your commercial proposal.

SIHOT dedicated consultants will guide you through the whole process. We will strive to answer all the questions that may arise during implementation phase and to make your certification process as smooth as possible.

In case you require additional support, more than the cover in the commercial proposal, you can always get a new package or purchase extra hours at the cost of € 250/ hour.