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Defintion: AP

Definition of the access points, e.g. 010000000000000000000000001 means access is allowed to areas 2 and 27. Area 2 could be e.g. a meeting room and area 27 an elevator. The access points are defined in the door lock system.

Defintion: AR0 - AR2

Additional rights

AR0 Description
0 use default rights
1 no adult movies
2 VIP (free) access
AR1 Description
available for hotel use
AR2 Description
available for hotel use

Defintion: CA

Card action supported the card types

CA Description
0 delete card
1 create new card
2 card copy
3 no modification

Defintion: CARD

Contains the data of a card from a guest.

CARD Description
TYPE Type of card
NUMBER Number / ID of card

Definiton: CALCSID

Calculates the service ID according to OUTLET and SID. For this case, the SID has to be numerical. If the calculation fails, the SID is transferred as indicated.

CALCSID Description
0 Service is not calculated but transferred from SID. This is the default value, in case that the parameter is not sent.
1 Service is calculated according to Outlet and SID. Please see definition of SIHOT Registry.

Defintion: CIO

Originates from a check-in or a checkout

CIO Description
I from a check-in
O from a check-out
M from a room move
K from a create key-card command
‘ ’ none of the above

Defintion: CIS

Check-In Status

CIS Description
Y room is checked in
N room is checked out

Defintion: COS

Class of Service


COS Description
1 Unrestricted
2 internal only

For Pay TV

COS Description
0 Pay-TV disabled
1 Pay-TV
2 Pay-TV and view bill
3 Pay-TV, view bill, and Pay-TV check out (Remote CO)

For Others

COS Description
Others to be configured at hotel

Defintion: CT

Call Type (if Posting Type is Phone)

CT Description
1 Private
2 Business

Component type

CT Description
G General component
P Component for Guest Type, GT has to be set up

Defintion: DND

Do Not Disturb

DND Description
0 off
1 on

Defintion: DRINK

Allowed drinks for a guest.

DRINK Description
1 No alcoholic drinks
2 Domestic alcoholic drinks
3 All alcoholic drinks


The flag indicates if the checkout (CO) should be done only for certain person in the CO operation or the whole room.

ENTIREROOM Description
0= only for mentioned person (PCIID)
0≠ whole room (or if not set)

Defintion: GID

Each profile of a company or private person in SIHOT is defined in a guest table and each profile has a uniqe id. This is called GID.

GID Description
Unique internal id of a profile


The Values in the table have to be concatinated by semikolon.

EXTRAINFOS Description
BOARD Informaation about the board of the guest
FIRSTDAYBOARD Board Information for arrival day
LASTDAYBOARD Board Information for departure day
ROOMINGLIST return also the complete rooming list
DETAILS further use
DRINK Get details about the allowed drinks
  • If the flag BOARD, FIRSTDAYBOARD or LASTDAYBOARD is set, boarding information about the client is transferred.
  • Board belongs to the board information of the current day
  • FirstDayBoard belongs to the arrival day
  • LastDayBoard belongs to the departure day
  • If the flag ROOMINGLIST is set, all guests in the room are transferred. Normally only the clients are transmitted witch have a folio.
  • If you request the total number of persons on a room you have to query with the attribute ROOMINGLIST and details and sum the noPax. The total number of pax per room can vary on different dates.
  • If the flag DETAILS is set, more information is delivered. In this case the POS-System can display detailed information about the client. This fields can be extend in the future without any notice in advance (to simplify the extension)
  • If the flag DRINK is set, a value is displayed, if the client is allowed to drink alcohol or not

Defintion: IAH

Include all hotels

IAH Description
0 Send data of the current hotel
1 Send data of all hotels

Defintion: IEV

Include event rooms

IEV Description
0 Do not include event rooms
1 Include event rooms

Defintion: IF

Interface area

IF Description
PBX Telephone systems

Defintion: IPS

Include „pseudo rooms“ = diverse accounts with an assigned „pseudo room number"

IPS Description
0 Do not include “pseudo rooms”
1 Include “pseudo rooms”


Identifying the issuing country

2 we expect the nationality in ISO 3166, 2 letter
3 we expect it in the 3 letter code

Defintion: IT

Internal Package Type

IT Description
S Standard
P Package
LOS Package and rates based by Length of Stay
R Room rate

Defintion: PT

Posting Type

PT Description
0 others
1 Minibar
2 Key Card, e.g. access of an area, where an amount has to be charged (e.g. Wellness)
3 Safe
4 W-LAN-Connection
5 Pay-TV
6 Phone
8 Interne
9 Games

Defintion: RC

Return Code

RC Description
0 OK
99 Not implemented
all other Error

Defintion: RT

Reservation Type

RT Description
1 definitive reservation
2 tentative reservation
3 cancel

Defintion: SEX


SEX Description
0 Unknown
1 Male
2 Female

Defintion: SF

Share flag. This flag indicates if a room is shared.

SF Description
Y There are two or more accounts.
N There is only one account in this room.

Defintion: SID

In SIHOT there can be either services or packages be defined. Both have a unique id, that is also defined by the user. This code can be used directyl to use the defined Service or Package.

SID Description
Unique id of a valid Serivce or Package

Defintion: SIDT

Service Identification Type

SIDT Description
P Package
S Service

Defintion: SRC

The SRC-Attribute indicates where this operation is coming from.

SRC Description
PBX The wake up call was executed by the PBX
PTV The wake up call was executed by the PTV
SPA The command is sent from the SPA (wellness system)
OTHERS The wake up call was executed by another system

Defintion: STAT

The actual status can be in the range of 0 to 99 for the RST | STAT | Description | |-------|--------------------------------------------------------| | 0-49 | reserved for room status | | 50-98 | reserved for technical status like “light bulb broken” | | 99 | sets all technical statuses to OK |

The status of the message delivered

STAT Description
0 message read
1 message acknowledged
2 new message
3 message deleted

Defintion: STATUS

Status for Link Alive

STATUS Description
0 request
1 link OK

Defintion: TOR

Type of restart operation.

TOR Description
I request CI/CO records
C request COS records
A request all records

Defintion: TYPE

Type of the information to be displayed

For Send Message

TYPE Description
INFO Information (default)
QUESTION Question, must be confirmed by the user

For Wake up answer

TYPE Description
OK Successful
NOTOK Not Successful

Defintion: TT

Temporary Type ToDo: not sure about the description

TT Description
D guest is marked for deleting
M guest data OK

Defintion: WUT

Definiton of the different Wake up type

WUT Description
SWU Single Wake Up
PWU Permanent wake up (until a check out is sent for this extension)
WUN Wake Up Now (ignore date and time)
WUC Wake Up Clear (removes all active wake up calls for this phone extension)