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Welcome to SIHOT's Developer Pages

Thank you for your interest integrating with the SIHOT.SUITE.

Like us, you are constantly working to give your customers the best customer experience. Simple integration options and functional improvements are necessary to achieve this goal. A successfully adapted API value chain has a positive effect on your sales and marketing results and promotes innovations on a technical and business level.

Our API’s focus on providing you with a simple and customized link to SIHOT.SUITE. With the simplified process, you can quickly focus on the things that really matter.

An interface certification program is available, should you require assistance in implementing our XML specifications in your interface. The following services are included: During implementation, GUBSE AG provides answers to your questions and conducts a final test in co-operation with the partner. Subject to approval, the partner is issued with a certificate stating that the interface has been tested, found to fulfil the SIHOT-standards and duly handling the processes concerned.

The terms and conditions of the certification are outlined here.

It must be noted that the customer requires a licence for the requested interfaces. Licences can be ordered directly by GUBSE AG or the SIHOT Sales Agent.


On these pages the term SIHOT.PMS is used as a synonym for the SIHOT.SUITE. Technically this could be a SIHOT.PMS (single property or multi property) or a SIHOT.CRS or a SIHOT.CRI.