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SIHOT@360° is SIHOT's latest interface integration technology. Especially designed to be open and provide literally all functionality or data of the application.

Thanks to the SIHOT.Flex technology, we are able to provide a solution for you to build your individual interface structure. SIHOT@360° is your key to access and distribute data - as much as necessary and as little as possible - in order to integrate any application you may wish to use.

SIHOT@360° offers access to all your data for both, users and interfaces, in the same way. For this, we use common IT standards. In most cases this is called API-First. Now we’re taking this one step further.

Why does API have to be the priority? We think that users and interfaces should be served on equal terms. Therefore, the software architecture needs to be open.

The SIHOT@360° consist of Screen Design, Workflow Design as well as Interface by Design. The SIHOT.Flex technology provides all that.