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The main objective for SIHOT.PAYENGINE is to shield implementation details/complexity for the clients (consumer) that consumes a service from the engine.

Additionally on this SIHOT.PAYENGINE shields any credit card data from the consumer's (SIHOT.PMS, SIHOT.WEB etc.) environment and therefore helps with the PCI DSS requirements of these environments.

To do this SIHOT.PAYENGINE acts as a middleware in front of the payment providers and can be seen as an interface for the clients.


To ensure no credit cards are hitting the PMS environment SIHOT.PAYENGINE is capable to act as a PCI Proxy. This proxy extracts the Credit card information tokenize the data and forwards the rest of the message to a given endpoint. Currently the protocols for OTA and INTR messages are supported, more scheduled.

Supported use cases

Supported providers

Providers are payment service providers delivering the payment services to the merchants, such as Nets (formerly Concardis), Worldline (formerly Six Payments) and Windcave.

At this point there are the following providers available

  • Adyen
  • Computop
  • Global Blue
  • Nexi Group
  • Stripe
  • Worldline
  • Windcave

Not all providers support the same functionality therefore please check with our integration teams for details about a specific provider.