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The functions of this interface are:

  1. Transfer revenues, transits and costs from SIHOT to Accounting.
  2. Transfer also the payments
  3. Transfer city ledger invoices
  4. Have the functionality to transmit statistical figures to Accounting, to have the possibility to set-up controlling

Apart from these standard functions, this interface specification allows the hotel to:

  1. Create a guest profile in SIHOT and set the “wish” to have credit. This wish is transferred with the guest data to Accounting.
  2. The Accounting department has the possibility to define, if this profile get credit or not. In case of credit, also the maximum amount of credit can be defined.
  3. In addition, this information can be modified permanently.
  4. In case that credit information is changed, SIHOT has the possibility to generate an activity, depending on a registry value:
  5. Only if the guest is in house or has a reservation for the future
  6. Always forward all the address modifications from SIHOT.PMS to Accounting (SIHOT.PMS is the address master)
  7. If City Ledger management is done in the accounting system, this can send us the cumulate outstanding amounts by aging, e.g. 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and total. In case SIHOT.PMS is installed as MPE (HQ/ASP) this figures are transferred by hotel.
  8. In case commissions did not deduct directly to amount to pay at the invoice, we send the invoices with the possible commission to be applied to accounting.