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There is the possibility to register for notifications. Notifications are delivered as SOAP calls to the external system on the confirmed URL. A complete WSDL file is available at SihotNotifications01.wsdl.

Notifications in SIHOT@360° follow an asynchronous approach. Once a notification is delivered to the endpoint an acknowledgment response is expected based on the notification service. This means e.g. a S_GUEST_PUSH_V001 notifications expects a S_GUEST_PUSH_V001Response as an immediate response. After this,the external system may require some time to process the data or to do some additional tasks. Once the work is completed the push notification can either be confirmed or marked as error through the external system. For this purpose the S_NOTIFICATION_CONFIRM_V001Request or S_NOTIFICATION_ERROR_SET_V001Request need to be used on a SIHOT@360° webservice endpoint.

As an example a complete sequence for a guest notification may look like this:

Guest notification

Note: In case the push notification is not confirmed / errored the same push notification will be delivered again to the external system. Both the processing time as well as the number of times the push notifications are delivered are configurable for the partner's need.

Notifications are very flexible and support currently the following areas:


Additionally to this there are Event based Notifications for Check-in, Check-out etc. available.