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API Key Usage

After the customer is signed up, you'll be given your own, unique API key. This 40 character string is your API key.

The key:

  • Uniquely identifies you.
  • Gives you access to APIs secured with an API key.
  • Should be kept private and should not be shared.

To use your key, simply pass the key as a URL query parameter when making Web service requests.

For example:


Ways to Pass Your API Key

Your API key may be passed to the service in a few different ways. Pick which ever method is easiest for you.

HTTP Header

Pass the API key into the X-Api-Key header:

curl -H "X-Api-Key: DEMO_KEY" ""

GET Query Parameter

Pass the API key into the api_key GET query string parameter:

curl ""

Note: The GET query parameter may be used for non-GET requests (such as POST and PUT).

HTTP Basic Auth Username

As an alternative, pass the API key as the username (with an empty password) using HTTP basic authentication:

curl ""