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Terminal/e-commerce integration

Note: the hosted payment page and terminal integration share the same API's for integration purposes of SIHOT.PAYENGINE!

Communcation flow

Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

Terminal integration

Services to be implemented

Requests marked with * require authentication! Please see authentication for details on this.



Due to the different integration scenario the use cases require different mandatory fields!

General information

Please refer to General Information

Webservices Reference

Please refer to Webservices

required services for the HPP or terminal usecase are shown in services to be implemented

Basic Examples

Sample javascript snippets these can run from the browsers console for demonstration purposes! Please note to keep the examples clean it uses a helper method postData which can be found here.

Feel free to copy and past it in your console!

Sample javascript snippet (run e.g. from browser console)

const url = ""
let msg = {
    "hotelID": "1",
    "hotelIDType": "SIHOT.PMS",
    "user": "BO",
    "datetime": "2022-03-04T09:09:47",
    "serviceProvider": "spayengine",
    "cardText": null,
    "resNo": "20008505/1",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "amount": "20",
    "cardInfoRefID": "2270",
    "description": "",
    "callbackSuccessUrl": "http://localhost:8080/committest",
    "callbackAbortUrl": "http://localhost:8080/aborttest",
    "theme": "default"

postData("", msg).then( (e) => console.log (JSON.stringify(e)))

Sample response

    "viewUrl": "",
    "requestID": "0a64c038-82f3-1c79-8183-14d9babb0018",
    "dateTime": "2022-03-04T09:09:47",
    "stateRetrivalUrl": "",
    "serviceProvider": "spayengine",
    "returnCode": "0"