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DMS scanned new document

If the DMS scanned new documents and wants to inform SIHOT that SIHOT can show this information also to the user. The DMS needs to send the message DMS-NEW-DOC. In this use case SIHOT can show documents, which are scanned from the DMS, in the guests trails

Operationcode: DMS-NEW-DOC



IF Partner → SIHOT.PMS


```XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> 47110815 DMS-NEW-DOC eASys FAX Document from easys GST 200 1 2009-08-07T17:00:00 Invoices 12

Attributes Message

XML-Tag Description
DMS-TYPE type of the document (e.g. FAX, DOC, XLS )
DMS-DESC Description to be shown in the SIHOT trail
DMS-DEST Destination-Trail for the new document (e.g. GST)
DOCID the documents archive ID
CREATED Date and time the document was scanned
DMS-TRAIL-PATH Sub Trail in DMS-DEST where the document should be stored in trails. If this sub-trail is not configured in SIHOT, the process creates this sub-trail.
OBJID the guests ObjID, where the document is linked to.


Attributes Response